Feedback on first blog items; draft format

Please check your team’s blog page for my feedback on the first blog items. You’ll see UGA II made a big jump in the standings this week. (I can hear Caleb celebrating from here.)

Also, a couple notes on your drafts, due by midnight Monday in a Google doc:

  • When speaking with sources remember to identify yourself as “a student journalist working on a class assignment that could be published by a professional media outlet.” Sources need to understand that they could see whatever they give you in print.
  • The draft does not have to be in a specific format. Write it in whatever style works best for you. I realize everyone has a different writing process and therefore a different personalized draft format. Maybe that’s a nearly complete version of your final story. Maybe it’s a detailed outline. Whatever it is, it needs to show me what information you’ve gathered, what sources you’ve contacted, what you think your primary angle and lede will be, and what you think you have left to report.  The more you give me, the better feedback I can give you, and the closer you’ll be to your final version.

Please let me know if you have questions.


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