Feedback on practice budget lines

Overall, everyone did well with the practice budget lines. Below is some general feedback to help guide you as you write your profile budget lines, due to me via email by midnight. Please email me with questions if you have them.
  • Address the “why now” and “why should I care” immediately and directly.
  • Flavor the budget line with a few details, even a short anecdote, that make this person’s story interesting and different.
  • Include necessary context, but don’t get lost in detailed background information or explanations.
  • You’re trying to pack a lot of information in two or three sentences. But resist the temptation to write run-on sentences.
  • Consider what you would tell your mom, roommate, best friend, etc., about this story. What is it about? Why are you writing it? What do you like about it? Your budget line lies within your answers.

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